About Us

CMR was founded in 1989 by two ambitious young individuals who run the company until now


Our Evolution

CMR was founded in 1989 by two ambitious young individuals who run the company until now…

  • 2020

    CMR created its own Panel for sampling and recruiting individuals for On line surveys

  • 2019

    CMR has installed the Asterisk call center technology connected to QPSMR Telin to handle outbound telephone interviews and call center campaigns

  • 2015

    CMR adopted the CAWI Internet technology (Computer Aided Web Interviewing) for Online surveys

  • 2004

    CMR created its own CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) center to fulfil its customer’s demand for data collection by Telephone

  • 2001

    CMR moved to home offices in the center of Athens where we are currently operating

  • 1996

    Our business growth, established CMR as the preferred supplier for most of the firms in the Greek Market Research Community

  • 1989

    CMR started operating with experienced personnel in the marketing research sector and specialized studies in marketing and Computer sciences abroad

At first, the company’s services were in the field of Data Analysis and Tabulation of Market Research Data, Software Development and Data Entry of questionnaires and any type of paper data as well

What standards do we adhere to?

CMR is conjoin member of SEDEA/PESS
CMR is a member of the Technology Institution of Greek Companies
Last successful audit of SEDEA/PESS 8-9/06/2021

Our mission is to have loyal clients

This we achieve by implementing efficiently customer requests and deliver accurate data and information

CMR clients, remain loyal because, they are convinced that we deserve their preference
They trust us and they have become our best advertisers since our establishment

Trust CMR and make a new beginning for your company